NPZ - About us

Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG (NPZ) is a privately-owned, medium-sized plant breeding company with head office in Hohenlieth near Eckernförde. The second site of NPZ is located in Malchow on the island of Poel. Here is the origin of the family business: In 1897, Hans Lembke took over his parents’ farm in its tenth generation and by then had already begun the first breeding activities with winter oilseed rape.

Today, NPZ is a successful breeder of winter and spring oilseed rape, field beans, peas and fodder plants.

We market more than 85 registered varieties in almost 40 countries. Over 220 employees work in breeding, seed production, consultancy, seed processing as well as sales and distribution in Germany and abroad. Quality is given the highest priority. The distribution of NPZ-varieties is carried out via RAPOOL-Ring GmbH, SAATEN-UNION GmbH, and GSA GmbH.

Dr. Martin Frauen, Barbara Brauer, Dietmar Brauer (managing partner), Dr. Gunhild Leckband and Hans Joachim Lembke are shareholders of the family-owned company.

Shareholders of NPZ

We have branch companies and subsidiaries in Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain and Ukraine. Moreover, we are shareholders in other plant breeding and seed companies in Germany, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary as well as in Belarus.

NPZ - We let quality grow

Our latest film shows impressions from our sites, provides insights into the research work at NPZ Innovation GmbH, and points out what characterises the work of Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG.