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Yellow Field Peas:

ICONIC - Robust stability supports high yield and quality.

  • Very high grain and protein yield potential confirmed in official trials.

  • High standability forms a stable crop.

  • Excellent crop quality for further value creation.

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SYMBIOS - Plant health meets environmental stability.

  • High yield stability under varying environmental conditions.

  • Very high grain and protein yield potential.

  • Healthy genetics.

  • Improved standability makes harvesting easier.

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ASTRONAUTE - Consistent high yields at all locations.

  • Long-term yield reliability at the highest level.

  • Easy crop management and stable yields.

  • Uniform maturity with proven standability ensures low-loss harvesting.

  • Recommended for cultivation on all locations, also recommended for organic farming due to effective weed suppression and high standability.

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ORCHESTRA - Leading the way in protein content.

  • Above-average protein content combined with very high grain yield.

  • Efficient protein production for effective feeding and food processing.

  • Excellent threshing properties for rapid and low-loss harvesting due to uniform ripening and good lodging resistance.

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OSTINATO - Harmonious balance of yield and agronomics.

  • Excellent lodging resistance and even ripening → excellent harvest properties for farmers.

  • Stable and high yield potential.

  • Mid-early maturity, suitable for northern and eastern European latitudes.

  • Broad adaption potential with lower TGW.

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GREEN Field Peas:

CARRINGTON - Resilient agronomy and colour-stable processing quality.

  • Seed color: green

  • Highest green pea seed yield on the PGRO DL (UK).

  • Good resistance to Downy mildew (Peronospora).

  • Good standability → good harvestability.

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LACROSS - Tannin free biomass for various uses.

  • High biomass yield after rapid youth development.

  • Semi-leafless growth type significantly increases the standability and makes harvesting easier.

  • Effective weed suppression.

  • Lower TGW reduces sowing costs and mixes well with cereals for sowing.

  • Suitable for mixed cultivation for green harvesting or threshing.

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RUBICON - Tannin-containing biomass, strong in the field.

  • High biomass yield after rapid youth development.

  • Effective soil shading and weed suppression.

  • Red blossom = tannin content.

  • Significantly improved standability due to semi-leafless growth type.

  • Very good suitability as a mixture partner for cereals, high competitive strength.

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Winter Field Peas:

FEROE - Frost-hardy yield peak with improved agronomic characteristics.

  • High grain and protein yield potential.

  • Alternative in regions with risk of early summer drought.

  • Very good winter hardiness.

  • Safe quality due to healthy plants.

  • Good lodging resistance, even under difficult conditions.

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LAPONY - Strong winter hardiness for reliable yields.

  • Above average protein yield and high grain yield.

  • Very good frost tolerance.

  • Low delay in maturity of grain and straw.

  • Small TGW.

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