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Hans Lembke

Our company's history began in 1897 on the Baltic Sea island of Poel, when Hans Lembke took over his parents’ farm, which had been in the family for 10 generations, and commenced with the first winter oilseed rape tests.
In the following years, a successful seed company was developed, with breeding activities in oilseed rape, turnip, red clover, grasses, winter wheat, oats and potatoes.
Following WW II, Prof. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Hans Lembke's company in Mecklenburg (East Germany) was expropriated, and continued as a state owned seed company and later as the Lembke Plant Breeding Institute for Oil and Fodder crops (IÖF).
Hans Lembke's oldest son, Hans-Georg Lembke, founded the Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht in Schleswig-Holstein in 1946, and finally located to Hohenlieth near Eckernförde in 1952. Dr. h.c. Dietrich Brauer led the company as General Managing Partner until 1999. His son Dietmar Brauer then took over responsibility.
In 1991/92, after Germany’s reunification, NPZ repurchased Hans Lembke’s former seed company from the "Treuhand" trust and reorganised at the two locations.
Today, we have branch companies and subsidiaries in the Ukraine, Great Britain and Australia. Moreover, we are shareholders in other plant breeding and seed companies in Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as in Canada.

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